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I am a born and raised Knoxville native. I love this city and its people. I have been on my musical journey for the last 22 years. I have sang everything from country to soul music and have had the good fortune of meeting some wonderful people along the way. For me, there is nothing like getting onstage and performing. I am also a trained audio technician and made that my profession for about 6 years. I have worked for Silver Dollar City, Dollywood, Louise Mandrel, Dolly Parton, Triumphant Quartet, and many other individual artists too numerous to mention. These experiences have helped me to provide the kind of quality that I feel is necessary for live performances. I thank whomever has taken the time and interest to read this biography and hope that you will come to one of my shows and say hello to me. I would love to meet and talk with you. I appreciate every person that comes down and supports me and local, live music. It is because of those people that we musicians can continue to do what we love.




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