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Hello there! I'm a seasoned solo and band singer originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, now proudly calling the Atlanta, GA area, my home. With a musical journey spanning over 22 years, I've had the privilege of immersing myself in various genres, from the heart of country to the soulful tunes that resonate deeply. Being a Knoxville native, I have a profound love for the city and its people, and this connection reflects in my music. Whether it's belting out country classics or delivering soulful melodies, each note carries the essence of my musical exploration. In addition to my vocal prowess, I'm a trained audio technician, having dedicated six years to honing my skills in the technical aspects of sound. My professional journey led me to collaborate with renowned entities such as Silver Dollar City, Dollywood, Louise Mandrel, Dolly Parton, Triumphant Quartet, and numerous other talented individual artists. Through these diverse experiences, I've cultivated a commitment to delivering top-notch quality in every live performance. Stepping onto the stage is where I truly come alive, and the energy shared with the audience is incomparable. I extend my gratitude to everyone who takes the time to read this biography. Your interest means the world to me. I warmly invite you to attend one of my shows in the Atlanta area. Come say hello, and let's share a moment—your support is the heartbeat of local, live music. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. I look forward to meeting and connecting with each one of you at my upcoming performances. Cheers,​ JEric

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